Production of your RNA

Our flexible service allows various grades and types of templates, base modifications and capping strategies.


Long RNA

RNA too long for chemical synthesis


 With polyA tail and cap

Guide RNA

 Used for gene editing technique like CRISPR/Cas9, TALEN or ZFNs


Sequence lengths from
700 to 6000 nucleotides already tested


30 mL to 40L production scale


10 g GMP manufacturing scale

Starting material

Customer or Eurogentec sourced PCR fragment or Plasmid DNA (GMP or non-GMP)


Various co- or post-transcriptional modifications (including capping, poly-adenylation and modified ribonucleotides)


Customer process optimized and scaled up by Eurogentec

Quality control

Full QC release on Drug Substance

GMP IVT RNA workflow



1. Templates

Various grade and type of templates

Customer or sourced non GMP plasmid

PCR production by Eurogentec

GMP plasmid produced at Eurogentec

Note: The non-infringement of any patents covering the operation of any process or the use of the product alone or in combination with other for use or sale of the products mentioned above is not warranted by Eurogentec. The customer has the sole responsibility of all and any use of Eurogentec’s products.