RNA CDMO Company


As an RNA vaccine and drug CDMO company, we deliver GMP RNA and GMP mRNA
in a quality required for RNA based vaccines and treatments


Long RNA

To circumvent chemical synthesis limitation

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 With polyA tail and cap   

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Guide RNA

 Used for gene editing technique like CRISPR/Cas9, TALEN or ZFNs

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Sequence lengths from
700 to 6000 nucleotides already tested


0.5 to 50g GMP manufacturing scale


CDMO for the manufacturing of GMP Biopharmaceuticals

mRNA Services

Our mRNA services cover the process development, GMP plasmid production, plasmid linearization
and GMP manufacturing of mRNA API
for use in Tox studies, Human clinical trials and Process Performance Qualification (PPQ) for commercialization.

Starting material

Our flexible service allows various grades and types of customer or Eurogentec sourced templates to be used (circular plasmid, linearized plasmid, or PCR fragments). We also offer plasmid linearization service.

GMP Plasmid Manufacturing


Various co- or post-transcriptional modifications (including capping, poly-adenylation and modified ribonucleotides)

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Our service offering includes customer process optimization, scaled up by Eurogentec and GMP production from 0.5 to 50g scale purified RNA for human clinical trials and commercial supply.

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Quality control

mRNA are manufactured in GMP accredited facilities. Raw materials and environment are quality tested by qualified staffs. A full QC release on Drug Substance is performed for each RNA production.

Our Quality System

Note: The non-infringement of any patents covering the operation of any process or the use of the product alone or in combination with other for use or sale of the products mentioned above is not warranted by Eurogentec. The customer has the sole responsibility of all and any use of Eurogentec’s products.