Ultra pure Diamond Taq® Benefits

Our IVD enzymes are highly suited for Diagnostic kits, Lab Services (with ASRs) and demanding Research

Exceptional Reproducibility

Stringent process and QC ensuring lot-to-lot & results reproducibility


Quality Management System fully compliant to ISO 13 485 Medical Device standards and FDA’s Quality System Regulations

Customized fill
& finish

Cost-effective tailored solution

Ultra-low residual DNA content

<1 fg of genomic E. coli DNA / Taq Unit Typically < 0.01 fg or 0.002 E. coli genome copies /Taq Unit


Highly pure (> 98 %) and ultra-low bioburden (≤ 10 CFU/ml). Typically = 0 CFU/ml


Amplification of DNA templates even at very low concentrations

How to select a polymerase?

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  PCR qPCR Yield Sensitivity Low Copy Template Specificity Difficult Template (GC & AT rich) IP Burden Free Sample
Hot Diamond Taq®
Short activation time
+++ ++ +++ +++ +++ +++ + TAQ-I032-100
HGS Diamond Taq®
Heat stability improved
+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ ++ +++ TAQ-I010-100
Diamond Taq® +++ + ++ ++ ++ + + TAQ-I020-100


All these enzymes, shipped on dry ice, follow the IVD traceability
at each step of the process, a Tracking number is sent to customer the day of the shipment.


Parameters Specifications
Appearance* Colorless solution
Identity (SDS-PAGE) MW approx. 95 kDa
Volume activity ≥ 5U/µl
Purity (SDS-PAGE) > 98%
Performance test: PCR-λ DNA* 0.5 kb fragment positive down to 5 pg
Performance test: PCR – 18S DNA* 0.1 kb fragment positive down to 10 pg
Ribonucleases (up to 10U, 1h, 37°C) Not detectable
Endonucleases, Exonucleases, Nicking activity (up to 30U, 16h, 65°C) Not detectable
E.coli residual DNA < 1 fg/Taq Unit
Bioburden* ≤ 10 CFU/ml
Stability* 24 months (at –20°C) from date of manufacture
Animal-derived additives* None
HotStart No detectable amplification without activation
Performance test PCR-Numb DNA (Hot Diamond Taq®) 0.3 kb fragment positive down to 10 pg

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