Workflow for E. coli synthesis

Reports about the production, purification and chosen options will be provided


Recombinant proteins
are used as antigens

A good antigen preparation strategy is key to improve success probabilities during the development
of high-quality monoclonal & polyclonal antibodies. Our dedicated service of Antigen Design and
Production aims at designing the best antigenic form for your specific purpose. 

We optimize your antigens

Bioinformatic studies

Customized bioinformatic studies take into account the antigen drift, homology with non-relevant proteins, B- epitopes prediction, protein structure analysis…  

Best design of your peptides and proteins, including peptides with post-translational modifications, cyclization and conjugation to carrier proteins; Full-length proteins, protein fragments, polyepitopes, fusion proteins…

Expression and co-expression; bacterial and eukaryotic host cells; Renaturation and purification of fastidious targets; Optimization of production yields on request.

Complete QC to assess your products quality : Purity by capillary electrophoresis, concentration, specificity and binding activity; Aggregation by size-exclusion chromatography.