Benefits of Speedy Mini Package



Get access to a high-quality custom antibody as easily as a catalog order


 Fast 28-Day immunization program



Attractive price


On average, 1-4mg of polyclonal antibodies  

ELISA Guarantee

No Result, No Serum, No Invoice*

Design assistance

Peptide design and synthesis included

Speedy mini process

  1. You provide your antigen sequence

  2. We design the best peptide antigen

  3. Peptide synthesis

    10-16 AA
    8-10 mg
    > 70% purity

  4. Carrier coupling

    2-3 mg peptide are coupled to KLH (or other carrier on request)

  5. Immunization

    1 rabbit
    28-Day Speedy Protocol

  6. Purification

    Affinity purification of 10 ml of serum

  7. ELISA

    If no specific ELISA response is detected at 1/10000, no invoice will be charged.

  8. Deliverable

    One dry ice shipment of :
    Purified antibody (1-4 mg pAb)
    40-50 mL of remaining serum
    Remaining peptide (if any)

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