Primary antibodies

To avoid using a secondary antibody, primary antibodies can be labeled with fluorophores for direct detection in immunohistochemistry, cytochemistry , flow cytometry, or electron microscopy.

Biotinylation enables the immobilization of primary antibodies onto streptavidin coated surfaces, or replacing the secondary antibody with a labeled streptavidin.  

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Secondary antibodies

The use of secondary antibodies offers the high advantage of signal amplification.

Secondary antibodies may be conjugated to fluorescent dyes for any immunofluorescence experiment, to biotin for streptavidin-mediated detection, to Europium for TR-FRET assays, or to enzymes (Horse Radish Peroxidase, alkaline Phosphatase) for ELISA and Western Blot.

Eurogentec offers anti-llama IgG’s and anti-VHH secondary antibodies labeled with biotin R-PE, or unlabeled. Custom labelings are also possible.

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We offer a large panel of dyes, including AnaSpec's proprietary high-quality fluorophores HiLyte™ Fluor (HF) and CyLyte Fluor (CF).

Popular proteomics dyes are:

  • Green (Ex/Em: 500-550 nm): Fluoresceins (FAM/FITC), HF 488
  • Orange (Ex/Em: 565-620 nm): CF 3, HF 555, ROX, TAMRA
  • Red (Ex/Em: 620-750 nm): HF 647, CF 5, CF7
  • Infra-red (Ex/Em: >750 nm): HF 750


Alkaline Phosphatase allows the detection of an antibody using with colorimetric substrates such as TMB

Horse Rabbit Peroxidase is broadly used in ELISA and Western Blot as it allows antibody-mediated detection using colorimetric but also chemiluminescent substrates, which provide superior detection sensitivity.


It reacts extremely specifically with Streptavidin conjugates to form the strongest and irreversible biological bond


It's a key label for antibodies and other macromolecules; In conjugation with a red dye such as CyLyte 5 or HiLyte™Fluor 647, TR-FRET assays can be developed

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Polyclonal program

We offer the most flexible and comprehensive service of custom antibody production.

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We are expert in in vitro monoclonal antibodies production from simple to high demanding projects.

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