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Antigens for custom polyclonal antibody generation

We produce polyclonal antibodies with various types of antigen including peptides, proteins, or complex samples. We use antigens provided by our customers or we synthesize antigen peptides.

Host species for custom made polyclonal antibodies

Besides custom rabbit polyclonal antibodies, we also produce pAbs in mice, rats, guinea-pigs and larger animals such as goats and sheep. We also perform immunization in hens and camelids.

⚊  Speedy 28-day program allowed
⚊  Rabbit and small rodents are Specific Pathogen Free (SPF)

Other hosts available on request

Select the best host

Selecting a host for the production of polyclonal antibodies depends on various factors.


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Antigen quantity vs serum volume

The quantity of antigen requested for the immunization depends on the host species and the expected volume of serum.

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Animal Welfare

Our facilities comply with the highest standards for animal welfare.


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Polyclonal immunization programs

We provide standard and fast polyclonal antibody production programs. The Speedy 28-Day program is our fast immunization protocol.

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Speedy 28-Day Classical


Speedy 28-Day is the reference program to produce custom polyclonal antibodies at Eurogentec.

The Speedy protocol uses a non-Freund adjuvant. Our optimized process with a short immunization time, stimulates the immune response and produces mostly IgG’s.



Our classical programs provide high titer antibodies with excellent affinity. Immunization lasts from 65 to 90 days depending on the host and the immune response.


The immunization schedule includes : The immunization schedule includes :
  • 4 injections on days 0, 7, 10 and 18
  • 1 pre-immune bleed before the first injection
  • 1 medium bleed on day 21
  • 1 final bleed on day 28


  • 4 injections on days 0, 14, 28 and 56
  • 1 pre-immune bleed before the first injection
  • 2 intermediate bleeds: 1 small bleed on day 38 and 1 large bleed on day 66
  • 1 final bleed on day 87

We can monitor the immune response after two months. The customer can test the serum from the second intermediate bleed. According to the result, we maintain or adapt the day of the final bleed.


You receive only one shipment : You receive two shipments :
  • At the end of the immunization program, you receive 
  • The pre-immune bleed (negative control),
  • The intermediate bleed, 
  • The final bleed (according to the schedule) 


  • The pre-immune (negative control) and intermediate bleeds, delivered while the program is still running
  • The final bleed (according to the schedule).


Why choose the Speedy 28-Day program : Why choose the Classical program :
  • Generate custom polyclonal antibody quickly
  • Perfectly suited for the production of antibodies against PTMs
  • Titer comparable to that obtained with the classical path.
  • Repeating a pre-existing protocol already conducted with a classical program
  • Immunizing a host where the Speedy 28-Day program is not available or not guaranteed (chicken, mouse, large animals,…)
  • Using an antigen of poor immunogenicity that may require a program prolongation


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*This schedule is indicative and is subject to variations according to the program specifications

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